The beginning is always today – HNY2016

The beginning is always today.  Every morning is a new arrival.  You learn something every day if you pay attention.  There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of… Continue reading

Any Photo websites?

Dear Photo-Lovers, Hobby Photographers! 🙂 Are you aware of any good Photo-sharing-websites? If so, please do share! I was thinking of constructively talking of our Passion: the Photography. I did not meet a… Continue reading


While walking around in such a gorgeous place, here in the Côte d’Azur (such as in Nice), I noticed all these HEADs 😉 I made (4) galleries, photos are visible by clicking on them… Continue reading

1311 ~

I am utterly shocked and disgusted, and it could be you or me but life must continue. So will I do with my Photographs. Paris was my dream, I did live there, I… Continue reading

Age is just a number ;)

And it is NOT just a cliché. Do not sue me, I am way way wayyyy sooooooooooo behind uploading that is it unbelievable! I was born in April, it has been more than… Continue reading


  Seems, I entered the world of WP a year ago (25.10.14.) Cheers to you! Not sure what happened, time flies. I was lost in about 2 subjects of life, 1 is found,… Continue reading

“All Apologies”

Like the song says. I spoke of this earlier.. I moved here from “Blogger” and that place was maybe simple but we could customize anything we liked or found? I got very surprised,… Continue reading

I photograph, whatever is interesting ;)

No, I do not “love” spiders. Like really do not. Reptiles? Oh yeah. Much. However, I rushed to get my camera when last year I saw these creatures outside the house at night..… Continue reading


I cannot, cannot understand how this could have happened. Deeply sorry I did not vanish on purpose, however things happened (and not) but somehow I am positive. It is a hot day here… Continue reading

Hello Hello Hello

  🍎 I am sorry I am sorry I am sorry. Where to start?​ I became a year younger ;} . I needed to find another apt (they did not lease it for… Continue reading

So! Many! New! Things!

Hello Friends, I have not a clue where to start.. but so many things have happened. and for the good 🙂 As I mentioned last time.. I said something about Positivity (yeah always… Continue reading

Did I mention positive things? Yes!

I do not know how else to say but even when you’re strong, you worry, we are humans. Of course too much worrying is not good for you. So one day after stressing… Continue reading


Once I already mentioned being bee-zzee 😉 but yes, these days are beezee but there is something in the air…. I feel a change, positive things. What to do when you are an… Continue reading

Another French town: Orléans

After living in Paris, then in the Usa, coming back to my beloved-Europe meant much to me. As for our culture, history and as for the diversity within short distances/countries. But France indeed… Continue reading

A French town: Rambouillet

The name of the city may look unpronounceable 🙂 but it is a cute town not too far from Paris where I walked around last year quite a few times. I had some… Continue reading

New (again)

​Hello Friendly People! How are you doing? I am sipping a black tea with lemon (as usually) from my new Hendrix mug, yay! 😛 What just happened. Another theme change. Why! Well I… Continue reading

Savor your solitude

Solitude may take some time and practice to master, but it can allow you to achieve an incredible sense of inner peace and calmness. Wisdom begins in wonder. – Socrates When I looked… Continue reading